LouD Social Media

LouD Social Media – so you can do what you are best at.

LouD Social Media was born back in 2018 and Cheshire Vibe evolved out of it, launching in 2019.

Cheshire Vibe then took over and throughout the pandemic continued grow quickly!
šŸ§”  LouD has always been key to Cheshire Vibesā€™ success and as the Vibe team has grown we are able to also concentrate on LouD again, offering social media content, training and lots more (see below)

šŸ”µ Our services are completely separate from Cheshire Vibe so donā€™t feel that you need to be part of it to work with us and visa versa. However, we can also offer packages that build in a Cheshire Vibe subscription and all it offers.

šŸ”µ Since we started, we have also created a huge network of businesses so if we canā€™t help you ourselves we will know someone who can!! šŸ™Œ  We are grateful to have met some incredible people along our journey so far!

šŸ”µ LouD still has the same ethos as the Vibe of good working relationships and helping and supporting each other šŸ§”

So if you are struggling with your content and need to concentrate on what you do best for your business, we can take social media off your hands and do what we do best!

Our services include:

šŸ”¹ Facebook and/or Instagram page set-ups

šŸ”¹ Social Media training (beginners to intermediate)

šŸ”¹ Content creation packages (cost will vary to spec)

šŸ”¹ Marketing/Advertising strategy

šŸ”¹ Branding

šŸ”¹ Logos

šŸ”¹ Social Media Management

šŸ”¹ Social Media mentoring

Every client and every business is different so we are more than happy to have a chat about you and your business. We can help you to pinpoint where you need assistance to further your knowledge and online presence.

You can use the contact form on this website to message us and we will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange a call.

We look forward to hearing from you!