Speak Easy Alsager – Public Speaking

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Speak Easy Alsager …

is a non-profit, community public speaking association based in Alsager. The group is all about maximising your potential, boosting your self-confidence and to practice public speaking in a friendly, small and non-judgmental group. Many people associate the word ‘public speaking’ with a formal presentation in a large auditorium (or similar), but for us here at Speak Easy Alsager, it covers a range of different scenarios including:

○ Speaking up in a 1-1 situation
○ Speaking up informally in a small group
○ Giving a wedding speech
○ Speaking in a meeting (typically seated around a table)
○ Delivering a presentation to a small group (formally standing up)
○ Delivering a presentation to a large group, possibly in an auditorium


At Speak Easy Alsager we work as a team so participants learn from each other, simply by engaging, participating and sharing their knowledge and experiences.