Cheshire Vibe – Business Directory & Social Media

Cheshire Vibe - Business Directory & Social Media

Welcome to The Vibe!!

The Cheshire Vibe Business Directory was established in May 2019 after evolving from who launched in 2018.

Cheshire Vibe business directory is for both businesses to advertise on and for local people and visitors to see what’s on their doorstep in Cheshire and the surrounding counties too…… AND its 24/7!

We have a set of tools to showcase your business to our growing following of over 6k local and organic followers, connecting together via our website, social media and local promotions. Think of it as a helping hand with your marketing.

But we are so much more than just a directory!!
Social Media is where its at, especially due to the changes Covid-19 has made us think outside the box – don’t get left behind, we are here to help!

Our ethos is supporting local business and growing the community, so we offer low-cost advertising we want to help promote your business via social media even if you are not sure how to – not everyone knows how to reach their potential and that’s ok, so we are here to help and support local businesses.

With a joint following and growing daily on Insta & Facebook, we have over 9k organic & local followers which is a fantastic reach for your business!

What Business owners get for subscribing:

A directory listing on Cheshire Vibe’s website with a link through to your very own page and a gallery for your photos to showcase you.

Direct links to your Facebook, Instagram, Website and Twitter will be on your page, along with contact details and where you are located with a GPS map so that customers can find you with a click of a button.

Launching in May 2019 in just 1 town, we now cover the whole of Cheshire and the surrounding counties and so our packages have had to evolve too and we now offer 2 packages.  For full details on both packages click here:

With the FULL MONTY package, you can tag us in daily (up to 3 posts) and one of those gets reposted and showcased onto our main page each day.  But it’s not just reposting,  we remove the hashtags that you’ve already sent the post to and add a new batch for that extra reach! We proofread your text and make any changes that make your post even more marketable AND we create a story for you which you are tagged into for you to use and add to your own pages story and you can save it for later use too. So that’s a lot of social media support for your business, all you need to do is create the post and tag us in – its that easy!

Need someone to create posts for you in the first place – we can help with that too with our sister company  Just contact us directly and we work out a package to suit your budget.  We will also give you tips on how to get the most out of your subscription as our main pages on social media are strictly for you, our subscribers only!

We have our IGTV Channel, Reels, Guides, Highlights which allows us to showcase your business even more!!

We have also returned to our fun and much-loved networking events so what out for announcements!
Subscribers qualify for a discount on entry tickets!

Need a bit of help with a new logo, wanting to rebrand, need content or social media management? We have @loudsocialmedia_ to help!

We are always happy to have a chat with absolutely no obligation and no sales pitch either!!