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Gin Distillery

A local, family-run Gin distillery producing premium spirits in an old corn barn on the Capesthorne Hall Estate in the heart of rural Cheshire. Penelope is our 400L hybrid copper still, on which we make all our own spirits in batches of around 450 bottles.

We have the local Capesthorne Gin range consisting of a Dry Gin, Raspberry & Blueberry Gin and a Rhubarb & Lavender Gin. We also produce KURO Gin an international range of Japan-inspired spirits. These quality spirits are the result of 2 years of craft & graft setting up our local, family-run distillery.

Our Gin distillery is part of the illustrious Capesthorne Hall Estate in Siddington, the heart of rural Cheshire.

Surrounded by fields, lakes, forest and wildlife you can be easily tricked into feeling like you’re in the wilderness. But only 6 miles away lie the bustling towns of Alderley Edge, Macclesfield and Congleton.

The old corn barn on Turnock Farm is the place we call home and there’s nowhere else quite like it!

Introducing Penelope, our 400l copper head still.

Named after Penelope Mary Ward, who married Davies Davenport and in turn moved the ownership of Capesthorne Estate to the Davenport family as Penelope was an only child (and female) the estate of John Ward III passed ownership to the Davenport family.

Penelope sadly died in 1737 aged only 37 years old but did have 11 children so knew exactly what hard work was.

You can buy all 3 gins directly from us on our website and we dispatch the very next day for you to enjoy as soon as possible!

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