OUR ETHOS: Massively positive!
In short, Cheshire Vibe organically evolved in 2019 when we discovered a need for some local love.  There were so many fantastic businesses out there and not always on the high street, there were hidden gems too working from home!
So we wanted to bring everyone together in one place and offer different services for needs, wants and budgets….. as no businesses and wants are the same.

We love to help support businesses so that you don’t get left behind in this growing digital world. To do with this, we have created a fantastic vibe where we support you & our subscribers support each other too. We love seeing it grow…..positivity breeds positivity right!? #vibetribe

WHY SUBSCRIBE?  It’s simple, we have a collective social media following of over 8,000 lovely local organic people! This means when we promote and advertise you, giving you an amazing reach for your fabulous business.  We showcase what you have to offer and how they can find you! Cheshire Vibe has nearly 7k Instagram followers (our most popular) and Facebook is over 1.8K!

IMPORTANT STUFF:  There ISN’T a magic button to get lots of followers!
It does take a lot of time and a lot of work, which most businesses don’t have and we get that! So we have spent time and love connecting with people for you and we want to share our hard-earned following with you too?

Cheshire Vibe is soooo much more than just an online directory that’s 24/7!
Cheshire Vibe Business Directory is for both businesses to advertise on and for local people and visitors to see what’s on their doorstep and surrounding Cheshire towns too. We have a set of tools to showcase your business and connect to your local communities via our website, social media, and local promotions.
Think of it as a helping hand with your marketing.


Having Launched in May 2019 in just 1 town, we then covered the whole of Cheshire – only to find that so many of our local businesses service the surrounding counties too, so we now cover Staffordshire, Shropshire, and Manchester!!
We offer TWO business subscription packages.
If you find a better advertising deal anywhere else we would absolutely love to hear from you and chat!

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Cheshire Vibe Listing

~ A directory listing on Cheshire Vibe’s website.
~ A link through to your own page on Cheshire Vibe’s website, including a photo gallery of up to 20 photos.
~ Direct links to your Website, Facebook, Instagram & Twitter feeds, along with contact details & where you are located, with a GPS map so that customers can find you with a click of a button.
~ ALL subscribers are listed on our ‘Highlights’ on Instagram which means people can easily flick through who is selling what in the category they are interested in!
~ have a one-off advert to boost? No problem! Just get in touch and we can chat.

This package is just £10 per month plus a one-off set up cost of £20 to build your website listing. We give you a welcome post on social media and create a story about your business that will be added to the highlight for your business category. This becomes your 24/7 business advert.

This is a great package if you…
~ don’t do social media so just want a listing with everyone else on Cheshire Vibe and have your business out there to all of our followers
~ do you own social media with a great following already but just want in on the #vibetribe community

The Full Monty (not literally!)

~ All of the above PLUS!!!….
~ Up to 50 photos for your website gallery
~ Up to ONE* of your posts will be reposted over to our main Instagram & Facebook pages each day.
~ But it’s not just reposting! That would be way too easy and not effective for your business – we remove the hashtags that you’ve already included in your post & add a new batch (up to 30) for that extra reach!
~ We proofread your text & make any changes that will make your post even more marketable.
~ We also create a story for you, which you can add to your own page’s story or save for later use.
~ We can also give you regular tips on how to get the most out of your subscription by email, we keep in touch!
~ So that’s a lot of social media support for your business, all you need to do is create your Facebook & Instagram posts & tag us in – it’s that easy!

This daily social media package is just £30 per month and a FREE set up to build your website listing, give you a welcome post on social media and create a story about your business that will be added to the highlight for your business category.
Once your listing is live, you get a FREE 20 minutes training session with us to go through the tagging in process.  We want you to get the most out of your subscription so it’s vital we start off on the right page together.

This is a great package if you…
~ post a lot and want to reach out to our followers as well as your own, whatever amount of followers you have
~ feel that you want that extra push for your business.
Perhaps you are a new business and you want your business to get noticed or you are an existing business that’s embracing Instagram and needs a little support

Most importantly, we will explain anything you are not sure of.  Social Media can be very daunting and everyone is at different levels, and we get that.
We are not a team of salespeople and we are genuine in wanting to help businesses flourish and survive, rather than get left behind in a digital world.
Just call us for a chat?

NETWORKING: Once we are able to do our amazing in-person networking events again, as a subscriber this is another opportunity to promote your business through the much loved Cheshire Vibe Goody Bags, handed to all networkers attending the event.  This can be done by including your business card, discount voucher, or even a sample of cake!  #subscriberperks – ALL subscribers get a 50% discount on entry tickets
You can still promote in the goody bags even if you don’t attend, don’t worry!


The following bespoke services are also available, at prices to suit your budget:

  • We offer training to help you ‘stand on your own two feet’ in terms of being able to create your own posts.  By subscribing to our directory your daily posts will get the business boost that gets you out there to over 8k followers.
  • If you need support in creating posts or videos – we can help you with that.
  • If it’s a new logo or you are looking to rebrand, we have a team of creative experts that are here for you.
  • Want to get a professional video done advertising your business, we have a man that can!

Ready to reach all of the people who matter most to your business?

Lets Go!