Calling all Alsager Businesses!!!! FREE ADVERTISING!!!

The @alsagerpartnership have started compiling a list of the business with contact details and the times open. Check if you are on there/you details are correct, and if you arent yet just ping them a message and they update the evolving list – Go! #alsager

As our Alsager businesses are starting to re-open we wanted to collate all the information for you in one central place with contact numbers, opening times, if closed, what service they are providing, etc.
We aim to keep this list as updated as possible for you and will share details once a week on Facebook, but for the most current list, head to our website
We also advise to call businesses with the phone numbers provided before visting in case circumstances have changed.

DONT WORRY, THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS, we have selected random businesses to get the ball rolling, so please contact us to be added or if your need your business details updating ?‍♀️?‍♂️
You can contact us on Facebook messenger or ping Lou an email at and we will be more than happy to amend/update the list for you ?
#alsager #itsallaboutalsager #lovelocal #localbusinesses


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